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Thrown From Horse
John Hockridge is Killed

Copy of Letter Purchased on Ebay John Hockridge, aged 37 years, foreman of the Cal Morrow ranch (five miles north of Haddam) met death just before noon Wednesday when his horse fell with him.

He was driving cattle and his horse was going rapidly. When he fell he pitched forward violently on his head and shoulders. As he was a large man the force of the fall caused concussion of the brain. No bones were broken. Drs Ochiltree of Haddam, Smith of Washington and Wall of Mahaska were called but when they arrived there was no hope of his recovery.

He never regained consciousness and died at 6:15 Thursday morning. Mr. Hockridge was a man universally respected --- and by his pleasant disposition had many friends.

It is only another instance of the uncertainty of life of a man being cut down and numbered with the dreamless dusk in the twinkling of an eye.

Note: The letter is not signed, does not indicate a date or to whom it was sent or meant for. The paper is yellowed and is extremely brittle. Because the sentences rambled I have inserted punctuation where I felt appropriate. Otherwise, the contents of the letter were not changed. If any Haddamite, former Haddamite or family members mentioned above has additional information I would be happy to receive and will update the web site.

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