August 12, 2013 UPDATE to Letter Purchased on Ebay by Anita Childerston, Webmaster

Note from webmaster. Several months ago in visiting with a resident of the Haddam/Narka area, Jean Novak, about this letter and the irony of John Hockridge's family making an email inquiry asking for additional information. (Which I had none.) The family member was doing geneology and did an internet search and BINGO the Haddam website came up. Below is the email request from 2005.

To: Haddam Webmaster, Anita Childerston
That is an extremely interesting letter/commentary. I have been searching Hockridge genealogy for several years, primarily trees in England, but have not found any references to this event. I assume that nothing ever was reported in the newspapers available in Washington County or nearby in Nebraska. In the event I find any info I'll e-mail you, and will check the Haddam web page periodically for an up-date. A very nice site well done. Signed: Ray Hockridge

August 12, 2013 below ia the email received from Jean Novak containing additional information and a photo of the gravestone. Hopefully some of his family will again check the Haddam website as both email addresses for Hockridge's are invalid and have been returned.

From Jean: I have been doing some work on finding a grave and this is the picture of John Hockridge's Gravestone. This is the top portion of the stone it is lying on the ground and has fallen off the base. The bottom is a large square with the name Hockridge on it.

He is buried at the Mill Creek cemetery 4 miles west 1 mile south of Haddam in Farmington Township, Republic County, Kansas. This is a very small cemetery.

From what I can find out I think his mother was a sister to Mrs. Polly (Tyler) Mapes there are several member of the Mapes family buried in this cemetery.

Hope this helps you out a little. Jean Novak

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