Trivia and The Main Street in Haddam


Trivia and The Main Street

Winter In Haddam

Although there is no snow in this scene the photo depicts our Main Street during the winter season. The trees, long having lost their leaves, sway with the winter wind. The American flag flying in front of the post office is almost fully unfurled by the north wind.

Main Street

It wasn't until 1952 that the main street was actually renamed "Main Street." Prior to that it was Baxter Street although it was always referred to as Main Street.

Main Street at one time was part of "old" Highway 36, a graveled highway that wandered through the hills and around curves between Washington, Morrowville and Haddam to Belleville. Highway 36 was relocated three miles south of town in the 1941 era. When this happened the town of Haddam was suddenly and forever "off the beaten path."

Flag Pole

Once upon a time a flag pole was located in the middle of the street at the main intersection. When removed from the middle of Main Street the flag pole was re-located to the east of the City Hall. This webmaster is seeking a photo showing the flag pole when it was located at the main intersection of Haddam.

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Our main street is appropriately called "Main Street." It was not always possible to drive from either the west or east ends of town without passing through a section of Main Street. Visitors and Haddamites have found "U" turns on Main Street a necessity.

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